Access Control

Access Control systems are dynamic and configurable security systems designed to provide the system owner with total control over the day-to-day access to their site. These systems provide not only the physical security but also a databank of system information relating to dates, times, locations and methods of entry.

One of the benefits of access control is the ability to automatically set lock functions within a system. For instance, doors can be set to lock at set times or users may only be allowed access between set hours of the day. This means that needing to physically secure a site does not rely on human competency.

Access Control can use a multitude of authentication credentials, such as swipe cards, digital keypads, fobs and depending on the level of security required, a system can operate with biometrics.

Selecting the right access control system is not something that can be easily done with basic research. Often, an application will require a tailored solution, that is custom built. In some other situations, off-the-shelf products are sufficient and will work effectively and reliably for many years. Let us help you select the right access control system to meet your needs and budget.

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