CIC Technology

C.Q.R.i.T Family

CIC Technology supply C.Q.R.iT key cabinets offer for the ultimate in security and convenience. It automates the process of signing keys in and out, allowing you to decide who gets access to what keys, when they can have access and for what time period.

A cabinet houses all keys with their own individual control, ensuring that when the key cabinet is unlocked users can only access the set of keys they are allowed whilst all the others remain locked in place. Additionally the key cabinet system allows for real-time reporting of all transactions allowing you to monitor the keys being signed in and out. These cabinets are designed so that managing your existing keys is simple regardless of type and profile. They also have the ability to integrate with your existing readers, access control systems or alarm panels. Offering cabinets with all different key capacities ensures there is a cabinet fit for your requirements.

The cabinets are available in both commercial key cabinets and high security key cabinets. The electronic key cabinets that offer a wide range of different key capacities in 12, 25, 50 and 100. The high security key cabinets offer key capacities in 25, 50 and 100.

Please view the attached brochures for more information on these cabinets and technical data.

These cabinets are not available to purchase online, but please contact your relevant state security solutions specialist for queries, pricing and installation information.

Victoria Aaron : 0400 959 230
Mel : 0457 635 199

New South Wales

Mike : 0437 654 114
Queensland Mike : 0403 456 572
Bret : 0403 333 599
Tasmania Craig : 0437 586 437
Sam: 0427 886 068
South Australia Andre : 0448 024 196
Northern Territory Hank : 0419 756 112