Digital Door Locks

Versatility. Style. Function. Security. The right digital door locks can give you these benefits.

Advancements in security product designs are a shifting the long-standing dependence on traditional keyed locks to digital locking solutions. Depending on the product chosen, mechanical, electronic and combination electro-mechanical products can allow the use of physical keys as well as virtual keys to gain access to a secured property or space.

The primary focus of digital locking products is to provide the versatility of an opening solution while maintaining normal security requirements. Control of access can be changed or reconfigured as required. In the case of electronic products, permanent and temporary access can be granted without mechanical changes or extra keys being needed. Technologies such as Apps and Bluetooth can also give remote access at specified times and dates or keyless entry when carrying a key may be inconvenient for the owner or occupier.

Access Hardware can offer a digital locking solution to suit your application and budget. We will help select a product that best suits the functions you want and meets you budget and style needs. Whether it is your home, business or commercial property, we can help with a digital product solution. Call us and see how we can help get the access you want, when you need it.

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