School Locker Padlocks

School Locker Padlocks

School locker padlocks provide students with the ability to safely and securely leave items within a concealed locker with their own personal padlock. With only the student knowing their combination it ensures only the correct people can gain access. However, what happens if a student injures themselves and needs to leave school? How do you get access to their important items?
That’s where they override padlocks are suitable, allowing the student to know the combination but the school to have a master override key for if it is ever required.

Our two most suitable locks for education purposes are:


Masterlock No. 176

The Masterlock No.176 offers a combination brass padlock and key override. A four digit dial is located on the base of the padlock allowing you to set your own combination and the key override system allows for supervisory access when required.


Masterlock No. 1525

The Masterlock No.1525 provides a general security combination padlock with key override feature. Suitable for lockers and cabinet and the key override system allows for supervisory access when required.

Etched Padlocks

Access Hardware has worked alongside Lockwood to deliver a padlock that has the ability for personalisation. These are more commonly known as 'Etched padlocks'.

Lockwood offers the ability for schools to etch padlocks with their logo and/or text. Ensuring that a cohesive look can be maintained across schools.


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