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Electronic locks are an innovative security solution that has recently gained popularity. They offer a convenient and secure way of locking and unlocking doors, gates, and other entry points.

With an electric lock, you can easily control access to your property and reduce the risks associated with traditional lock and key systems, such as losing your keys or having them stolen by criminals.

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Secure and Convenient Access Control with Electric Door Locks

Access Hardware is a leading provider of door hardware in Australia. Our product line includes various types, such as magnetic locks, electric strikes, and solenoid bolts. We supply for commercial and residential use, ensuring our customers can find the right solution.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic door locks are commonly used in commercial buildings, schools, and hospitals. Not only do they provide a high level of security, but they're also easy to use. They leverage an electromagnet that generates a strong magnetic field to shut the door securely. When an electrical current runs through the magnet, it unlocks the door, enabling access.

Electric Strikes

Here's another popular electronic lock type for residential and commercial buildings. An electric strike replaces the traditional strike plate in a door frame, allowing the door to be unlocked using an electric current. It is easy to install and can be used with existing door hardware.

Solenoid Bolts

Solenoid bolts are a versatile type of lock used in various applications. They are ideal for sliding doors, gates, and other entry points. They use a small electric motor to retract and extend the bolt, locking and unlocking the door. Like the electric door strike, they are easy to install and offer high security.

Advantages of Electronic Locks over Traditional Systems

Electric latches or locks offer several advantages over traditional ones, including added convenience. With an electric mortice lock, you can easily control access to your property without needing keys. You can also grant access to specific individuals or groups without providing physical keys.

Another advantage is security since they are more difficult to pick or bypass. They also offer a higher level of control, allowing you to monitor access and keep your property secure.

The best part is they are simple to install and operate, requiring only a few essential tools and minutes of your time. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and rarely require attention once put in place.

Secure Your Property with Access Hardware

An electric strike lock or some other type of electronic lock is an excellent option to consider for a secure and convenient access control system for your property. It does not need physical keys; you only need to change the passcode if you forget it.

Access Hardware offers a comprehensive selection of electronic locks and latches, such as the magnetic lock, electric mortice, and solenoid bolt, to suit various requirements. Our team of experts can guide you in selecting the appropriate lock and provide professional installation and ongoing support.

Contact us today to discover more about our products and how we can assist you in securing your property.

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