FRANKsecure to become Access Hardware Gold Coast from February 1st 2021.

For over 50 years, FRANKsecure has been a well-known and trusted brand operating out of the Gold Coast, QLD. In 2019, Access Hardware acquired FRANKsecure and have recently made the move to bring FRANKsecure under the Access Hardware banner. Our staff, location and phone lines will all remain the same but we will now operate as Access Hardware Gold Coast.

The main benefits this will provide our customer is better access to our full range of products, the ability to pick up stock from Gold Coast or Brisbane, national pricing, online ordering, larger capacity to complete projects, wider understanding of both markets utilising key strengths of each business, utilising national key operating processes and pricing as well as capturing and decreasing key costs.

You may start to notice small changes such as new branding, redirection of the FRANKsecure website and the phone answered differently but we still remain the same team and smiling faces ready to help our customers.

We’re excited about this transition and welcome you to the new look Access Hardware Gold Coast.