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Southern Folger Detention Equipment is the world’s leading manufacturer of detention products out of San Antonio Texas USA. Our 15-year partnership has brought some great innovations to the Australian correctional industry. We proudly install, supply and recommend Southern Folger products for some of the most demanding and complex security needs.

This long standing partnership allows us to provide reliable solutions which result in a safe and secure environment. We carry a significant stock holding of Southern Folger products to satisfy the demands of small projects with short lead times.

Southern Folger Detention Equipment Co. was formed in 2004 from a merger of Southern Steel (established in 1897) and Folger Adam (established in 1908).

Their 120,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and warehousing areas utilise state-of-the-art equipment, their research and development team is tasked with continuous product and process improvement, new product development and product testing to the only recognised detention industry specific standards, such as ASTM.

In the Jail Shop, fabrication, welding, painting, machining and assembly operations for sliding door devices, safes and component parts for detention locks. The Lock Shop is where assembly, inspection and packaging of all locks and door position switches occurs.

A key importance in determining the difference in high security detention equipment is the terminology that is used within the market. These three issues can confuse the end user, specifier and architect and impact on the suitability of the security system being designed.

First, the definition and interpretation of 'maximum', 'medium' and 'minimum' security levels differs vastly among countries, states, jurisdictions and organisations. Common terms used to describe detention and detention equipment include: super maximum, maximum, high, medium, low, minimum, administrative, segregation, institutional, close security, high security, custodial, and heavy duty.

Second, the terminology used by different manufacturers of detention locking devices also differs.

The third issue is that the meaning of the terms has different implications when talking about people (inmate population classifications) compared to talking about a locking system and how it functions.

To understand the Southern Folder Detention Equipment we offer, it’s important to understand how we use the terms ‘maximum’, ‘medium’ and ‘minimum’ security. The terms have to describe several considerations;

To understand the terms listed in our Southern Folger and Folger Adam catalogues, it’s important to understand how we use the terms ‘maximum’, ‘medium’ and ‘minimum’ security. The terms have to describe several considerations:

  1. The durability, security and resistance to vandalism of the lock cylinder
  2. The lock’s accessibility to tampering by inmates
  3. The perceived strength of the lock.

Based on these considerations, the following classifications were created:

  • Locks with paracentric cylinders were listed as maximum security.
  • Locks with mogul cylinders were listed as medium security.
  • Locks with commercial builder’s cylinders were listed as minimum security.

Southern Folger Detention Equipment systems can be adapted to suit virtually any detention situation, from small police stations to large complex facilities. The systems employ the latest technology, incorporating CCTV, intercom, touch screens and access control to provide a seamless interface for the user, that is secure, safe and simply for staff to operate.

Electronic locking in detention facilities is critical to providing accountability and separation of persons detained as well as authorised staff and detainee transitions through secured areas.

Southern Folger Detention Equipment electric locking devices provide the physical barrier to unauthorised access through a portal (which could be a hinged, sliding, roller or pivot-type opening). These products are designed and tested to provide years of trouble-free service with minimum preventative maintenance required. In containment scenarios - which can be some of the most physically demanding - there are many examples of doors with our locking devices in use which are literally opened and closed hundreds of times per day and which continue to perform as intended.

Southern Folger's range of mechanical detention locking systems have been around for many years. In many cases, not much has changed from the original design. Efficiencies in materials and manufacturing processes have streamlined the delivery and brought the products in line with the ASTM criteria, but the designs have remained unchanged due to the fact that they work so well.

There are two reasons for this. The products need to be substantial in their construction, with heavy gauge materials used that can stand up to the rigours of the detention environment. Secondly, the simplicity of their design ensures many years of trouble-free operation. Mechanical locks supplied by Southern Folger include deadlocks and dead latches for swinging doors for applications at maximum, medium and minimum levels.

Our detention specialists are ready to help with product selection or any technical details.

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