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Access Hardware is a trusted source for the highest quality panic exit bars, designed to meet the specific emergency needs of your building. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or earthquake, the ability to evacuate quickly and safely is essential. Emergency exit door hardware is the cornerstone of safety assurance, providing a secure and straightforward escape for all occupants. Access Hardware's range of panic exit bars is not only reliable it also meets the highest standards of building code and regulation. We are committed to providing a comprehensive solution to your building's security, and our extensive range of architectural hardware and locks complement our panic exit bars to enhance the overall safety of your building.

What You Need From Panic Exit Bars

Panic bars are a device affixed to an exit door, essential for the safety and well-being of building occupants. In the event of a fire, earthquake or any other crisis situation, panic bars are designed to provide easy exit for an efficient and quick evacuation. A panic bar allows an emergency exit door to be quickly unlocked during a hazardous situation or evacuation, whereby the mechanism consists of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed to the inside of an egress door. At Access Hardware, we understand the importance of reliable, compliant, and efficient emergency exit door hardware and are committed to providing panic bars for peace of mind. Emergency exit door hardware is more than a convenience; it is an absolute necessity, and panic bars play a critical role in meeting the stringent requirements of building codes and regulations.

Types of Panic Bars: Variety You Need for Safety

Access Hardware offers a wide range of panic bar door hardware to meet your building compliance. We understand that not all buildings are the same, and your safety needs may differ. That's why we provide various types of panic bars, each tailored to different situations. Whether you need a horizontal latch cover, external lever trims or a panic bar mortice lock, we have you covered. Our exit door hardware is designed to meet the highest standards, ensuring your panic bar door hardware is reliable when it matters most.

Benefits of Panic Exit Bars: Security and Compliance in One

Panic exit bars are essential components for the rapid and safe evacuation of a building in the event of an emergency. These devices are designed to meet the highest standards of life safety compliance. They are composed of a horizontally mounted metal bar that is spring-loaded and attached to the inside of an egress-opening door. When the lever is depressed, it triggers a mechanism that automatically uncloses opens the door, allowing for a swift and organised exit. This is essential in order to avoid delays and potential risks associated with a crowded and panicked evacuation.

Access Hardware's Expertise: Your Trusted Source for Panic Bars

Access Hardware is your reliable partner in ensuring building safety and security. With decades of experience and a commitment to quality, we are leaders in our industry. Our dedicated team works closely with you to identify your project needs to help you find the ideal panic bar for your purposes. Explore our range of exit door hardware and discover how Access Hardware can offer top-quality solutions for your architectural hardware needs.

Panic Bars: Safety First, Every Time

Panic exit bars help enhance the safety and security of your building, your employees, occupants and visitors. Access Hardware is committed to providing the highest quality in panic exit bars and emergency exit door hardware. Whether you’re looking to improve your building’s security or want to make sure you’re following building codes, we have what you’re looking for. Choose Access Hardware, with our commitment to your safety, you can count on us to provide you with the most dependable exit door hardware, so your safety remains the number one priority.

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