Dormakaba is a globally renowned company that offers innovative access solutions for various structures. The brand’s products are designed to provide security, convenience, and flexibility while meeting the specific needs of different construction projects.

At Access Hardware, you will find Dormakaba door closers, hinges, lever plates, locks, latches, door stops, and other door hardware, accessories, and spare parts. Explore our extensive selection of premium-quality products to find the best access solution for your needs.

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Choose Access Hardware by Dormakaba Australia

Dormakaba is one of the world's largest manufacturers of access control systems and other automatic entry solutions. In 2016, the company was formed by combining two popular brands, Dorma and Kaba, known for their expertise in smart and secure access solutions. Backed by more than 150 years of combined experience in safety and reliability, the brand now offers best-in-class entry equipment, including single components and customised integration solutions.

Dormakaba Door Closers

One of the most popular Dormakaba products is their door closers. Whether you want a compact closer for your home or a reliable and durable mechanism for your commercial premises, Dormakaba is a great option for virtually any doorway. In our Access Hardware range, you will find door closers of various security levels, designs, and purposes, including standard, specialised, and fire-proofed, to name a few.

Dormakaba Electronic Locks

We also offer a wide range of locks from the same brand to meet your industry-specific needs. One of Dormakaba’s best-sellers is its electronic locks, equipped with RFID technology for e-card access, automatic deadlocks, an anti-tampering system, and low battery warning to enhance security.

Dormakaba Door Hinges

If you are looking for quality door hinges, Dormakaba is still the brand to choose from. The company offers a range of sturdy and reliable solutions designed to provide smooth operation. Made from the finest materials, such as stainless steel and brass, these hinges are long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and safety-certified, making them an excellent choice for doors that require the utmost security.

In addition to providing quality products, Dormakaba is committed to sustainability. The company focuses on reducing energy consumption, waste generation, and carbon emissions while ensuring all products are designed for easy disassembly and recycling to minimise environmental impact.

The Advantages of Dormakaba Australia Products

Being a reputable company with a forward-thinking approach, the Dormakaba brand strives to be one step ahead and offers the industry's most innovative access solutions. Within the range of door access and locking systems, you will find:

  • The highest standards of equipment quality control
  • Ability to integrate different products into a unified system
  • Operating reliability and durability
  • Increased functionality and versatility
  • Streamlined design
  • Ease of installation, operation, and maintenance

Explore our range of Dormakaba door hardware and experience premium quality for yourself.

Find A Fantastic Range of Dormakaba Products at Access Hardware

Whether you are looking to install a new door with durable hinges or need a reliable door closer for increased safety and convenience, the Dormakaba collection at Access Hardware provides a variety of options to choose from. In addition, our products come with excellent customer service, affordable pricing, and manufacturer warranties of up to 10 years.

If you need help with installation or repair, we also offer professional locksmithing services from our locations in most capital cities across Australia. Contact our team if you have any questions about our products or services–we are always on hand to provide support.

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