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Whether you are a contractor or commercial builder of residential or industrial structures, you’ll understand the importance of the right door hardware when it comes to the success of your project. We are Australia’s industry-leading door hardware supplier, providing some of the best quality door hardware for both commercial and residential builds.

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Architectural Door Hardware Australia


Discover some of the different types of door devices that will suit your client’s design, style and budget.

Door Locks and Latches

We carry a wide range of mortice locks, key-in knobs and key-in levers, rim locks and more. Our keyless locks and digital smart locks are some of Australia’s most innovative commercial and residential door hardware solutions. 

Door Lever Handles

When selecting door handles, aesthetics are important as they can certainly lift the interior design when chosen correctly. Available in different designs and finishes, we have a large selection of door furniture to help you find the right look for your space.

Door Hardware: Hinges

Door hinges are small, but incredibly important pieces of door hardware that connect your door to its frame. There are many different types of hinges, each with its own specific function and purpose.

Door closers

For closing doors automatically. We have floor springs, concealed closers and surface-mounted door closers. In most cases, these are installed on the top of a door, but we have a solution for most installations.

Other door hardware supplies

There are other types of door hardware available to improve security in your home or commercial building. These include products such as door stops, door seals, bolts, cylinders, sliding door hardware and more. With our extensive range, we are confident our qualified staff can help you find just the right products for any installation you’re completing.


Best Features of Door Hardware

Durability of Door Hardware

When you think of architectural and commercial door hardware, chances are you imagine a sturdy piece of metal that's meant to last. That's because it’s a key component of the door equipment and so it is built to last—which means the hardware needs to be equally as durable. Backed by a knowledgeable team of door hardware experts, Access Hardware supplies products that are rigidly tested to comply with the tough Australian conditions. 

Designer Door Hardware: Security is Key

Every homeowner wants a secure home. Today’s door hardware is equipped with security features that make it easier than ever to keep your home safe. For example, digital smart locks are popular and can be found on residential and commercial doors alike. These types of locks require no keys because they use electronic access cards, pin codes, mobile phones or fingerprint recognition. Most Bluetooth-enabled phones allow you to lock and unlock the door with ease. The best part, with a Wi-Fi bridge as seen among our range of Sabre smart locks you can manage your door lock remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Style and Ease-of-use in Architectural Door Hardware

The finishing touch on any door can be styled to match the overall aesthetic of the property. If clean lines and modern designs feature in the finished design, a minimalistic style such as a simple handle or lever is recommended. If you prefer a more traditional look, consider designs with decorative features. At Access Hardware, our experienced staff are experts when it comes to choosing the right door hardware for your needs. So please ask us for help to find you the best door solutions. Check out our selection of designer door hardware that is sure to add elegance and sophistication to any home, while being comfortable enough for regular use.

Why choose Access Hardware?

We're here to help you get your project off the ground with great advice, product knowledge and specialist service. If you're looking for high-quality door hardware in Australia, we supply the best brands in the business. With our diverse range of services and innovative product solutions, we can deliver whatever it takes to meet your needs.

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