Keyless Entry

Keyless entry locking products provide secure and convenient alternatives to traditional lock and key mechanisms utilizing various technologies to grant access without the need for a physical key. The most common types of keyless locking products are battery operated units that utilise a keypad or touchscreen and/or a proximity card/key-fob held near a reader to unlock the door. These cards or fobs can be easily carried and provide quick and contactless access.

The beauty of Keyless entry is the elimination of the need to carry physical keys providing convenience and flexibility while the risk of losing or misplacing keys is minimized.

Many keyless entry systems also offer remote access control capabilities. Authorised users such as the homeowner, can grant or deny access remotely, allowing for convenient management of entry permissions. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses or properties with multiple locations or for granting temporary access to visitors or contractors for dedicated time periods.

Some Keyless entry systems can also integrate with other security and home automation systems, enhancing overall functionality. Integration with surveillance cameras and alarm systems can provide a comprehensive security solution.

In the event of a power or battery failure, most Keyless entry systems include emergency access features such as mechanical keys or emergency override codes which can be used to ensure access in critical situations.

Overall, keyless entry locking systems offer improved security, convenience, and flexibility compared to traditional lock and key mechanisms. Their advanced features and integration capabilities make them a popular choice for a wide range of applications, including commercial buildings, residential properties, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and government organisations.

Access Hardware provides a large range of keyless entry solutions to suit all situtions. Contact us to find the right solution for you.

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