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When it comes to finding the best door instalments for your home or business, the important factors to consider are durability and protection, not just from intruders but also from dust, dirt, street noise and draughts. Therefore, doors and door frames need to be sufficiently sealed to operate effectively. 

Access Hardware offers a wide range of door seals at very reasonable prices. You will find the right solution among the best products from Australia's leading manufacturers, including Kilargo and Raven.

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An Extensive Selection of Door Seals

The door seal is essential protective hardware that serves as a shock absorber, ensuring a snug fit of the door to the frame and enhancing room insulation. Depending on its purpose and type, it can increase doorway accessibility, protect from dust, rainwater, and noise and even contribute to fire safety. 

At Access Hardware, you can find a wide range of door seals, including:

  • Threshold access ramps - an ideal solution for people with reduced mobility who use wheelchairs, walking frames, electric scooters, or hand trolleys. A threshold access ramp lowers the risk of tripping on abrupt changes in floor or ground levels and uneven doorway surfaces. These products are made from slip-resistant recycled rubber or aluminium and can aid access and mobility within indoor or outdoor settings. Plus, our ramps are extremely hardwearing and require no maintenance, other than keeping the surface clean and free of debris.
  • Perimeter door seals - positioned around the entire door frame to prevent the infiltration of unwanted elements, like odours, dust and draughts.
  • Threshold plates & ramps - the perfect finishing touch to any door structure. They can help prevent rain and draughts while increasing doorway accessibility for people with disabilities. With durable, anodised finish and some with PVC bedding pads, these seals may also eliminate vibration, noise and moisture ingress.
  • Finger guards - the ideal solution for areas in which young children risk having their fingers caught in hinged doors. The finger guard seals serve as a shield, protecting both sides of the door.
  • Door bottom seals - can completely hide the gap between the door and the floor. In some models, a spring-loaded mechanism automatically lifts the seal when the door opens, keeping it clear of the ground. Combining perimeter seals with door bottom seals also creates an effective smoke and fire barrier and is a legal requirement for fire and smoke doors.
  • Drip guards - help prevent rainwater from flowing into exposed doors, particularly those that open outwards. Suitable for all door types, including single and double-leaf doors, sliding options, roller shutters, and tilt panels.
  • Magnetic door seals - keep the access point safe from cold, smoke, and draughts. Made of high-quality materials, magnetic door seals can endure daily mechanical stress and last a lifetime.
  • Meeting style (Astragal) seals - adjustable aluminium seals for various door applications, which can help maintain ambient temperature, limit smoke, and protect from draughts and dust. Some seals offer self-adhesive applications and are suitable for different door types.
  • Sweep action seals - designed to protect against ambient and medium-temperature smoke, draughts, dust, and weather penetration. Most seals are equipped with brushes or silicone blades to safeguard interiors from debris.
  • Extruded silicon & PVC door seals - made from the most durable and reliable insulation materials, they can resist heat, ozone, oxygen, and UV light and can last for more than 40 years.
  • Fire door upgrade bottom - made from foam-forming materials, this door seal tightly closes the gaps around the frame, keeping smoke and combustible products from entering the premises during a fire.

Door Seals from Access Hardware

Explore our selection at Access Hardware to find premium-quality door seals at affordable prices. If you have questions or need help choosing, feel free to contact us - our friendly and experienced team is always ready to provide professional advice on door hardware.

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