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Specialty plate handles provide a high-quality combination of security and function. Designed to meet the needs of security environments, they differ from standard door handles and offer features designed explicitly for dual-locking applications. Due to several factors, including design and advanced features, specialty plate handles are typically more secure than standard door plate handles, giving you the peace of mind you need in critical situations.

Highlighting Features of Specialty Plate Handles

Specialty plate door handles are distinguished by their outstanding design and advanced features, making them an ideal option in high-security settings. The Dual Lock Lever Handle has been designed and developed exclusively for single lever action to open dual lock doors. This innovative technology offers a single lever that activates both locks simultaneously in one smooth action. This overcomes the problem of using a double-handed action with dual locks to open a door. The smooth lever handle operation makes them convenient to use and ensures their reliability, making them easy to use even in busy areas. 

Key Features of Specialty Plate Handles

Specialty plate handles for doors offer versatility and functionality, suiting various sizes and thicknesses of doors due to their range of different dimensions. These handles are designed to accommodate many door configurations, ensuring a seamless fit regardless of the door's specifications. A practical choice for many residential and commercial applications, specialty plate handles are compatible with a wide variety of high-quality Australian mortice latches and locks. They easily integrate into your existing security system, saving you time and money during installation. 

A notable feature of specialty plate handles is their single egress lever operation, which can operate two mortice locks simultaneously. This adds convenience and efficiency to the door's locking mechanism, enhancing security while simplifying access. The heavy-duty lever return spring and bushed handle contribute to durability and wear resistance, ensuring long-term performance even in high-traffic environments. The concealed fixing from the outside improves the handles' appearance and reduces the risk of tampering or forced entry to help deter intruders and protect valuable assets. 

Applications of Specialty Plate Handles

Specialty plate handles help protect sensitive information in secure rooms, safeguard valuable assets in high-security buildings, and ensure privacy in hospitals or universities. They play a vital role in maintaining strict security protocols. In commercial offices and airports where access control is critical, specialty plate handles offer peace of mind and assurance in protecting personnel and assets. Specialty plate handles are also highly versatile and can be used in critical infrastructures and major utilities where strong security measures are required to protect operations and prevent unauthorised access. In these settings, specialty plate handles excel as premium security solutions.

Installation and Maintenance of Specialty Plate Handles

Specialty plate handles are easy to install and require only basic tools and manufacturer instructions. Regular lubrication of moving parts and wear and tear checks ensure optimal performance and extend the life of specialty plate handles. By following recommended maintenance procedures, users can increase the efficiency of their security system and reduce the risk of failure. While specialty plate handles come with screws and spindles for installation convenience, external furniture such as escutcheons or rosettes is typically ordered separately. This allows for customisation with the door hardware design, providing a cohesive look for commercial and residential premises.

Why Choose Access Hardware for Your Door Handle and Lever Needs

At Access Hardware, we offer a wide variety of door handles and levers designed to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, reflected in the high-quality craftsmanship in every handle we sell. When you choose Access Hardware for your privacy and security needs, you're choosing premium quality, hardwearing architectural door hardware and our expertise. Committed to customer satisfaction, our team is here to help guide you from selection to installation and maintenance. 

Enhance your Security with Specialty Plate Handles

Specialty plate handles are important in high-security applications, providing outstanding performance and dependability. Their tailored design and sophisticated features make them the go-to choice for applications that require dual-locking solutions. Whether in a commercial office or a critical infrastructure facility, specialty plate handles will give you the assurance you need to protect your assets. If you're looking for more than just security, browse our website for a wide range of door hardware from some of the leading brands in the industry. 

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