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Flush Bolts: A Secure Door-Locking System

When it comes to security, flush bolts may not take the limelight, but they play a very important role in door security. Whether you're securing a residential entryway or a commercial space, these devices offer a discreet and highly effective solution for your protection needs. Explore the selection of top-quality flush bolts at Access Hardware to realise the benefits of reliable door safety installation. With a range of leading hardware brands at competitive prices, we're sure to have the perfect solution for you.

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The Power of Flush Bolts for Door Security

Flush bolts, also known as slide or surface bolts, are concealed door hardware devices designed to secure the inactive door leaf between a pair of double doors. They are typically installed on the top and bottom of the inactive door, providing a reliable and discreet locking mechanism. 

One of the primary benefits of door flush bolts is their ability to enhance security. When engaged, they firmly secure the inactive door leaf, creating a sturdy barrier for intruders trying to force open the door. They can also offer privacy by effectively sealing off one door leaf, allowing you to control access between rooms or areas. Plus, they do not protrude from the door's surface, making them compatible with any doorway clearance.

Choosing the Right Flush Bolt

Flush bolts for doors come in various designs and styles, all featuring distinctive qualities that enhance their functionality and reliability. Some key features to look for when selecting flush bolts include:

  • Material: Choose from durable materials, such as stainless steel, brass, or zinc alloy to ensure longevity and resistance to corrosion, especially if intended for outdoor use.
  • Rod length: This relates to the length of the flush bolt rod. For tall doors an extended rod allows the flush bolt to be at a height that is easily reachable. 
  • Finish: From polished chrome to antique brass, door flush bolts are available in a variety of finishes, allowing you to match your door hardware to your decor.
  • Installation type: Mortice-mounted flush bolts are recessed into the door, creating a neater appearance, while surface-mounted options are easier to install but may not be as visually appealing.
  • Operation: Manually operated bolts require a turn lever, knob or slide action, while automatic devices engage autonomously when the active door is closed.

Reliable Flush Bolts from the Best Brands in Australia

Access Hardware offers a wide range of top hardware brands known for quality and innovation. We offer a variety of flush bolts designed to meet different needs.

Sabre Flush Bolts

Sabre is a well-known brand in the door hardware industry, offering a range of high-quality flush bolts. Crafted from durable materials, they ensure long-lasting performance in any setting. 

You can choose from mortice-mounted and surface-mounted options, catering to various installation preferences, providing you peace of mind in terms of security and safety.

Interlock Flush Bolts for Doors

Interlock is another reputable brand known for its door hardware solutions. The company's flush bolts are designed for smooth and reliable operation and are often favoured for their ease of installation and durability. Interlock offers a variety of finishes to suit your design preferences and ensure a cohesive look for your doors. With a broad selection suitable for both timber and aluminium doors, these flush bolts ensure a secure lock every time.

Legge Flush Bolts

Legge has a strong reputation for producing high-quality architectural hardware. The brand is known for the precision engineering and robust construction of its range. Offering a diverse selection of finishes and styles, Legge offers plenty of flush bolts to complement your door's design. Made from stainless steel, these devices provide security and functionality while maintaining a classic and seamless appearance.

Access Hardware: Your One-Stop Shop for Premium Door Hardware

Flush bolts are an essential component for enhancing the security and privacy of your residential or commercial property, and Access Hardware offers the best options for home protection. As Australia's leading door hardware supplier, we stock the largest range of brands and products nationally, ensuring you'll find everything you need. Whatever size your project, our friendly expert staff are here to help. Invest in quality flush bolts from Access Hardware and experience the difference in quality and service.

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