Master Key Systems

A key is a physical device that gives its user the ability to access an area that is secured by a lock that the key operates. Standard locking devices are generally designed to only open with a single dedicated key that exactly matches the lock mechanism. Keys can be non-restricted and available from any retailer or feature a restricted profile that requires authorisation and is only available from the locksmith who built the key system.

Master key systems are the next level in security and are designed from the outset to incorporate a top-level master key or grandmaster key that can open all lock cylinders on a site, even if different areas have different dedicated keys. The lock cylinders are built to accept both a standard user key and the master key. Access is generally determined by the user’s individual requirements or role within the organisation.

Master keys can be non-restricted but generally use restricted key profiles for high security applications. Restricted master keys mean that key copies are not readily available which will help maintain the system’s integrity.  

We can help you design a system that takes your current requirements into consideration as well as any growth that you may need in the future. Call us today on 1800 555 700 to discuss your requirements.

We offer master key system in any of the profiles listed below.

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