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Access Hardware is your premier destination for top-quality Sabre door hardware. Striving to offer high-quality door hardware and locking solutions at the right price, Access Hardware delivers a range of Sabre locks, door hardware and closers to exceed industry standards. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, Sabre Hardware has been an integral part of the architectural construction supply landscape. 

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Explore Excellence with Sabre Door Hardware

At Access Hardware, we understand the importance of safety and how high-quality architectural craftsmanship contributes to the end solution. Our extensive range of Sabre door locks reflects our dedication to quality. Whether you need a dependable door closer, advanced door hardware or modern door locks, you'll find a suitable Sabre solution at Access Hardware. By choosing Sabre door closers, you're blending security and style, with Sabre door locks meeting all types of architectural design. Our range of Sabre door closers is designed to seamlessly integrate with any decor, making it easy to find the right choice for your home or business.

A Legacy of Reliability: Sabre Door Locks

From right-hand door locks to left-handed levers and sliding security door locks, our large range of Sabre door locks is a testament to the brand's reliable versatility. Our door locks are designed with the utmost attention to detail. From wide plate to narrow plate, internal levels and cylinders, they come in various finishes, along with the highly popular satin stainless steel finish, using advanced technology to guarantee longevity, minimal maintenance and reliable performance. 

Enhance Security with Sabre Door Closers

Sabre door closers provide exceptional security for your home or business, along with the elegance of a stylish aesthetic. Sabre door closers are engineered to blend seamlessly with your decor with semi-invisible and non-intrusive options to ensure your entryways keep the flow of your interior design. Sabre door locks are crafted from premium materials, using cutting-edge technology for longevity and performance. Builders appreciate the ease of integration for Sabre door locks within a property. The Sabre Hardware brand has a long history of reliability and is a trusted partner if you value accuracy, durability, and minimal maintenance.

Unparalleled Expertise from Access Hardware

When looking for industry-leading products, Access Hardware has carefully chosen the best high-quality architectural door hardware to ensure your projects can access the best in professional finishes. Access Hardware's dedication to excellence is not only reflected in the high-quality Sabre door hardware we offer but is also deeply rooted in the expertise of our team. We are proud to have a dedicated team with more than four decades of combined experience in the architectural hardware industry and security solutions. Our team is the foundation of our success, with a commitment and passion that has distinguished us in the industry. We handle all aspects of your architectural projects with the highest expertise and accuracy. With decades of experience in doors, locks, and architectural hardware, we provide tailored solutions to achieve your security goals.

Elevate Your Architectural Style with Sabre Door Hardware

At Access Hardware, we provide the highest quality architectural hardware. Our wide selection of Sabre door closers and Sabre door locks is carefully crafted to meet your needs, providing superior protection. When choosing Sabre door hardware, you're choosing functional components that last the test of time. Choose Access Hardware for all your architectural hardware needs to add quality to every aspect of design and security. With us, your architectural projects will be met with high-quality solutions that last.

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