EKA Cyberlock

EKA Cyberlock

EKA CyberLock is the next generation in access control that secures, controls and audits all assets, from the front door to remote locations.

EKA CyberLock is an electro-mechanical master key system. It is a hybrid product that has combined the attributes of conventional proximity or swipe card access control with those of a mechanical master key system. With an EKA CyberLock system, it doesn’t matter where the lock is, electronic access control is possible. By eliminating the wire between the lock and the managing software, EKA CyberLock can be installed virtually anywhere. EKA Cyberlock retrofits into most existing locks and complements any existing access control system by extending your control to virtually every door.

EKA Cyberlock systems are not available to purchase online, but please contact your relevant state security solutions specialist for queries, pricing and installation information.

Victoria Aaron : 0400 959 230
Mel : 0457 635 199

New South Wales

Mike : 0437 654 114
Queensland Mike : 0403 456 572
Bret : 0403 333 599
Tasmania Craig : 0437 586 437
Sam: 0427 886 068
South Australia Andre : 0448 024 196
Northern Territory Hank : 0419 756 112