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Access Hardware offers a wide range of architectural door hardware. For over 35 years, Bellevue Architectural has been synonymous with top-tier door hardware, setting the benchmark for quality and innovation. As a Bellevue distributor, Access Hardware offers a selection of magnetic latches and double-action spring hinges from some of Bellevue Architectural's finest products.

Access Hardware: Your Gateway to Bellevue Architectural Door Hardware

At Access Hardware, it's our mission to make architectural excellence available to everyone. Transform your spaces effortlessly with the same quality Bellevue is known for. We pride ourselves on being your go-to destination as a premier Bellevue distributor. Choose Access Hardware, and you're in for a seamless experience as you browse and select the best of what Bellevue Architectural offers. Our Bellevue imports are sourced from renowned manufacturers such as Justor, Bonati, and more. These meticulously crafted products are now available at Access Hardware, bringing the fusion of function and design to your door.

Double-Action Spring Hinge from Bellevue Hardware: Effortless Swing, Automatic Closure

Unlock the potential of your doors with Bellevue Hardware's double-action spring hinges. Designed for doors that need to swing in both directions, these hinges redefine convenience. The spring-loaded mechanism allows for effortless movement in both directions and automatically ensures that the door returns to the centre, offering a hands-free solution. Ideal for various settings, from hospitals and hotels to restaurants and homes, these hinges provide a closing application in both directions, making them a versatile and functional choice for your doors.

Magnetic Latches from Bellevue Door Hardware: The Perfect Fusion of Design and Security

Complement your door hardware with exceptional magnetic latches from Bellevue Hardware. Crafted to the highest standards, these latches are designed to integrate seamlessly with our range of doorknobs and handles. Experience the perfect fusion of concealed design and security as these latches add functionality to your doors. Whether securing a room or adding a finishing touch to your doors, Bellevue Hardware's magnetic latches will elevate the standard of your door hardware, ensuring both aesthetics and security are top-notch.

Why Choose Bellevue Hardware from Access Hardware: Enhance Your Access Experience

Choosing Bellevue door hardware from Access Hardware transforms your entryways and access points. At Access Hardware, we go beyond being a mere supplier – we become your dedicated partner in enhancing the functionality and security of your doors. Our comprehensive range of door hardware and commitment to making architectural excellence within reach for everyone sets us apart. If you can't find a product in-store or online, ask one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff, and we'll be happy to deliver exactly what you need for your build, renovation, or DIY project. Trust us to deliver Bellevue hardware, turning every door into a convenient access point.

Elevate Your Spaces with Access Hardware and Bellevue Architectural

Choose Bellevue Architectural for unparalleled security and functionality, whether you're looking for concealed hinges, pivot hinge systems, entry-door pulls, and high-quality lever, knob or invisible door handles. Bellevue door hardware sets a new standard for innovation, providing ultimate protection and seamless simplicity for your property. Explore the possibilities with Bellevue door hardware, and make Access Hardware your trusted security partner. Create safer spaces with us when shopping for all your architectural hardware needs. Shop by brand for a tailored door hardware solution.

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